Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reunited and it feels so goooooood

A little over a year ago I found this picture on and I absolutely fell in love.
This is blossom (lilly) and willow.  4 week old Chihuahua mix. Sisters.

As soon as I saw they they were at the Woodford County humane society, I called them, put in my application and went after work to visit them.  Kalen was out of town and we hadn't talked about getting another dog, but it was all over. I was in love.  I had to have one of these little girls.  At first sight, I wanted Willow (the black pup), because she was soooo precious! BUT when I went to visit the girls, Willow and I didn't have a connection.  So I said, ok let me see the ugly one (shame on me, but she really was goofy looking).  And that's all she wrote.... Lilly (Blossom was her humane society name), cuddled up to me as soon as I picked her up. She picked me ! 
if that's not love i don't know what is   

Sooooo..... I called Kalen and he wasn't thrilled that I committed to getting a puppy while he was out of town BUT.....

Look who held her the whole way home when we went to get her .

I can't believe that was a year ago!  As most of you know, since then, I've become slightly obsessed with my little furry friend and I take her with me whenever I can, wherever I go.
We nap

we watch tv
We walk
We go for rides

We do laundry   
we play    
We paint
We meditate 
and we tailgate

SO, while I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little girl, I couldn't help but wonder about what happened to Willow. I contacted the humane society and asked if they could find out how big Willow got for me, because Lilly was SO small and I was wondering if it was normal for her.  So the humane society did one better, and they got permission to give me Willow's new owners email address.  A sweet lady named Robin adopted Willow and just adores her like I adore Lilly.  We exchanged pictures, and Willow is a bit bigger than Lilly and all black but they still look very similar.  We had discussed getting the pups together sometime to play but with our busy schedules it just never happened.  Then I saw a poster in the elevator at work advertising for the Woodford Wag, a 5k run, and 2k dog walk benefiting the Woodford County Humane society.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to get together so I emailed Robin and we set up a meeting!
Robin and Willow
Willow and Lilly
She's not scurred
Overall the day was a success! The pups got to play with each other along with a bunch of other dogs and Robin and I got to talk about how sweet, and sometimes weird our little dogs are.  They both cross their paws, and tuck their legs under them, they both LOVE kids and other dogs, they both had a bushy squirrel tail, and they are both absolutely spoiled rotten because they are SO sweet!!!

So happy that these little girls found homes that love them SO much!
So if you're looking for a new furry friend, I strongly encourage you to Check out the Woodford County Humane Society!  The staff is wonderful and they are a NO KILL shelter!

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