Monday, August 22, 2011

My Ten commandments of Tailgating

1. Thou shalt GET THERE EARLY

When you don't have a parking pass, securing the perfect tailgate spot is key...and to do that you have to get there early.  There are certain sacrifices that need to be made! If the campus police say you can't start parking cars until 12pm the day before game day...then you need to start circling your prime tailgate spot at 11:00.... because if you're not going to, then someone else will, and unfortunately it's fair game. You want your spot? Get there! Be prepared with rope and caution tape and orange cones to mark your territory and know how to park your car just perfectly so that no one can squeeze in between you, but so that you can also maneuver to make extra space for late comers.

2. Thou shalt not be the tailgate mooch

Everyone knows who these people are.  They show up whenever they want to, they roll in with a few of their friends, they drink all your beer, eat your food, and then when it's all gone they go on their merry way.... that's not cool.  Bring your own beer or bourbon, or whatever it is that you drink! It's one thing to stop by and say hey, have a beer with some friends, and then move on. BUT if you're planning on hanging out...then you need to contribute....unless you're the guy that volunteers to run the grill....he gets whatever he wants because he is the grill master! No one minds sharing once in a while...but don't make a habit .... you don't want to become the tailgate mooch.

3.  Thou shalt play games

It's not a tailgate party with out cornhole, or a football to toss around.  Depending on the crowd and the availability of an empty table,  beer pong and flip cup is also a must.  This helps pass the hours until game time!

4.   Thou shalt have no priority higher than tailgating

The true tailgate faithful plan their weekends around the football schedule. Everyone knows that there are just certain things you don't do between September and November. These things include, getting married, going on vacation, or expecting to wake up any earlier than 11am on a Sunday.  ( I must admit that I'm breaking this very important commandment this year...and I'm ASHAMED to say it's the biggest rivalry of the year ....hypocrite right here)

5.  Thou shalt not be obnoxious

Being oboxious includes but is not limited to:
      - Puking and/or passing out before gametime
      -  Showing up late and being mad because no one saved you a parking spot, a drink, or something to eat  (this is your punishment for breaking commandment #1)
     -  - fighting for no reason other than you are drunk and you feel like fighting....
     - taking up 4 tailgate spots, when you only need 3...if you're not using all the space you have, let someone else have it...the more the merrier!

6.  Thou shalt prepare for the weather

  It's going to be cold in the mornings.... hot as hell all afternoon,  and then cold at night for the first couple games then it's going to get cold, and stay cold.  That's just how it is...wear layers, bundle up, strip down, then bundle up again...and don't complain about it...check the weather before the game and prepare... it's not that hard.

7.  Thou shalt share your moonshine


8.  Thou shalt wear thy colors proudly

                                       Don't show up to a UK home game wearing red... just don't....

9.   Thou shalt not go the jail

 In my of the leading causes for getting a free ride in a police car on game day is being drunk in do they know you're drunk? Chances are you're peeing somewhere you shouldn't be.  I would single out the boys here...but I've seen girls do it too.  SO If you have to go and you don't want to wait in line, that's fine. I understand.  We've all had that drunken I'm gonna pee in the grass/on this tire/in this corner/on this tree/ or next to this big drain moment.  And at the time it sounds like a great idea... until someone sees you, points, laughs, and/or makes a big enough deal to get you arrested.  Some other ways to earn a free ride in the back of a police care might be breaking commandment #5.

10.  Thou shalt keep in mind... it's a marathon, not a sprint

In order to keep from breaking commandments # 5 and #9, it's important to remember (for night games especially), that it's going to be a long day. . . and chances are good you want to actually make it to the game! This being said,  one does not need to consume a bottle of tequila by themselves, unless they want to have an up close and personal relationship with the ER, and a catheter.  Pace is key! You want to keep it slow and steady so you and everyone else can have a good time, without passing out like a rookie, and missing the game entirely.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

HELP! I need somebody! HELP not just anybody!

So I've been a complete slacker on the blogger front! BUT that is because I've been soooo super busy with all of the wonderful things happening in my life. 

Wonderful things are as follows:

First Trip to Chicago = AWESOME

Why was it awesome? Let me show you! 

Amos Lee = One of the Best Live Voices I've ever heard!

30 feet from Dave Matthews = Best spot i've had in the 13 times i've seen him

Dave Matthews Band Caravan with 100,000 people = Awesome

and drum roll please........ The main reason I love Chicago..... It's where we got engaged!

We're getting Married ! June 19, 2012 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!!!

So, since coming back from Chicago I've been occupied with all kinds of fun wedding stuff. Not just for me but for Rita too!

I've also been taking summer classes, and making arrangements for my fall internship for school.... but none of that is really that fun to hear about......

I've worked on a few projects here and there, frequented the farmers market early this summer, and I am SUPER pumped about the Woodland Art Festival this weekend!

I am still selling Votre VU ( if you're on my email list u know this bc i'm blowin' your email up with specials) and they have a pretty sweet little incentive going on right now.  It's called Crazy 8's! And basically the more people I can sign up to be Brand Ambassors the Better Chance I have at being in the Crazy 8's club! AND for those who sign up to be a Brand Ambassador...THEY can also qualify by signing up MORE people under them.  SO .... I need your help ladies! If you LOVE a good discount, and you LOVE your skin and you LOVE to be beautiful and to earn extra cash to boot then you should REALLY sign up !
Here is more on Votre Vu !

Qualifying for the Crazy 8's club means:
Free Jewelry, A place of a plaque in the "stepping stones of history vault", Cash (Up to an $800 bonus), and product credits ( Up to $500 worth of product ),

ALSO New Brand Ambassadors that sign up between August 15-Sept 18, 2011 will recieve "Les Sorbet Advanced Care Iced Serum" for face as a bonus in their start Me up pack! That makes the $199 startMEup Pack value over $565 and the $399 Premium startMEup pack value over $1,165!

I'll stop sounding like an advertisement now... But SERIOUSLY ladies, LOVE this stuff, it lasts forever, and it's made  huge difference in my skin.   Shoot me an email at if you're interested !


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reunited and it feels so goooooood

A little over a year ago I found this picture on and I absolutely fell in love.
This is blossom (lilly) and willow.  4 week old Chihuahua mix. Sisters.

As soon as I saw they they were at the Woodford County humane society, I called them, put in my application and went after work to visit them.  Kalen was out of town and we hadn't talked about getting another dog, but it was all over. I was in love.  I had to have one of these little girls.  At first sight, I wanted Willow (the black pup), because she was soooo precious! BUT when I went to visit the girls, Willow and I didn't have a connection.  So I said, ok let me see the ugly one (shame on me, but she really was goofy looking).  And that's all she wrote.... Lilly (Blossom was her humane society name), cuddled up to me as soon as I picked her up. She picked me ! 
if that's not love i don't know what is   

Sooooo..... I called Kalen and he wasn't thrilled that I committed to getting a puppy while he was out of town BUT.....

Look who held her the whole way home when we went to get her .

I can't believe that was a year ago!  As most of you know, since then, I've become slightly obsessed with my little furry friend and I take her with me whenever I can, wherever I go.
We nap

we watch tv
We walk
We go for rides

We do laundry   
we play    
We paint
We meditate 
and we tailgate

SO, while I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little girl, I couldn't help but wonder about what happened to Willow. I contacted the humane society and asked if they could find out how big Willow got for me, because Lilly was SO small and I was wondering if it was normal for her.  So the humane society did one better, and they got permission to give me Willow's new owners email address.  A sweet lady named Robin adopted Willow and just adores her like I adore Lilly.  We exchanged pictures, and Willow is a bit bigger than Lilly and all black but they still look very similar.  We had discussed getting the pups together sometime to play but with our busy schedules it just never happened.  Then I saw a poster in the elevator at work advertising for the Woodford Wag, a 5k run, and 2k dog walk benefiting the Woodford County Humane society.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to get together so I emailed Robin and we set up a meeting!
Robin and Willow
Willow and Lilly
She's not scurred
Overall the day was a success! The pups got to play with each other along with a bunch of other dogs and Robin and I got to talk about how sweet, and sometimes weird our little dogs are.  They both cross their paws, and tuck their legs under them, they both LOVE kids and other dogs, they both had a bushy squirrel tail, and they are both absolutely spoiled rotten because they are SO sweet!!!

So happy that these little girls found homes that love them SO much!
So if you're looking for a new furry friend, I strongly encourage you to Check out the Woodford County Humane Society!  The staff is wonderful and they are a NO KILL shelter!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome back Friday! Oh how I've missed you!


After an incredibly stressful day at work I am SO happy to be home!  Kalen is working late tonight so it's just me and Little Lilly (aka Lillard Custatio).  

So I caught up on my shows that were on the DVR that Kalen doesn't watch...Private Practice, Bones, NCIS...your usual crime/medical dramas.  I stared at our laundry pile for a while, and then I decided to go buy some spray paint. Can you feel a project coming on? I can!

 True Blue was the color of choice ....I mean there any Better Color Blue? 

Hmmmm. . . . what to paint what to pain.... My Habachi grill? .....No that might blow up the next time I try to use it.   My white shelves? ......No I don't think I have any use for Blue shelves. Then I saw this little gem. 
An ugly plastic pot that has been full of garbage, mud and bugs since we moved in.  The previous owners left it behind and I've always had plans for it but wasn't sure what those plans were yet...until now.  It shall be BLUE! Yayyyy Spray Paint!

Just getting the hang of it first to prevent painting anything other than the pot....

And VIOLA! It's blue!

It's like Magic!

So while I waited for the spray paint to dry, I planted these little $1 flower pot/seed packs that I got at Target earlier tonight. I'll update on their progess occasionally.

Fast Forward................

Paint is dry, and I added a little detail with some metallic paint pens.

Now I just have to find something to plant in there....maybe I'll give tomatoes another go.....

I know what you're thinking....does she really not have ANYTHING better to do on a Friday night? The answer?


However, those things include, Washing Clothes, putting them away, loading and unloading the dishwasher, working on a paper, and participating in a discussion for an online class. SO....Spray Paint it is !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer? What's that?

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”  The past few weeks have just been INSANE! I miss the days when finals were over, it meant you got to relax by the pool all day, drive around aimlessly and hang out with your friends all night, and sleep until whenever you want the next day...I may make it my goal in life to make sure those things become part of my regular routine again someday.  All work and no play makes for a miserable existence....and I work I needed some playtime!

I had my first Votre Vu "show", if you could call it that, a few weekends ago. It was more than a little disappointing.   Unfortunately I learned the hard way, that when your in business for yourself it's extremely important to know what demographic you're going to be serving before you spend $$$ to rent a booth and commit to wasting a day on setting up a booth.  On the bright side, my friend Michelle and her little angel joined me for the afternoon.
Any day with company like this is a good one :)

Speaking of CUTE babies :) Congrats to Darrell and Liz on their new bundle of Joy, Chloe Elizabeth! Born 2 weeks early (Just as I predicted) at a dainty little 8lbs 7 oz and 19 3/4 inches! Darrell and Liz are the kind of people you are proud to know and call friends...and we were so blessed that we go to be there when Darrell introduced his daughter to to the world for the first time.  What a blessing!


One Proud Papa
Thursday nights in Lexington are full of fun, friends, food and live music at the 5/3 Pavillion  Thursday Night Live  is where we spend our Thursday evenings in the summer.  It's a great place to go and hang out with your friends and grab a drink and listen to some live music on a giant patio.

For Kalen's 30th bithday this year I bought him tickets to several Cincinatti Reds games.  I'm not that into baseball, so I made sure I got tickets to Friday night games so that I'd at least get to see a fireworks show :)
Kalen and I went to see the Reds play the Cardinals, and to my suprise, it was a great game to watch! Huge crowd, good weather, and a win for the redlegs!

After a fun filled Friday night in Cincinatti, Kalen and I came home and slept most of Saturday morning and afternoon, and then we headed to Georgetown Ky to the wedding of Dr.David Horton, and Ms. Ashley Crawford. ( I forgot my camera but pictures wouldn't have done her justice anyway because she was STUNNING!)
After the wedding on Saturday Kalen, Adam and I headed to Redmon's...our usual spot.  Redmon's used to mean spending Thursday night with Kenny Owens and 100 of your closest friends.  However those were the good ol' days and Redmon's has now been taken over by "Sundy Best"  and their flock of prestonsburgians.  Nick and Kris are from Kalen's hometown, and they are extremely talented so we like to go have a good time and show our support whenever we can.  Saturday night was especially important because they were recording their first live they needed plenty of people to sing along.  Listen to these guys...they are the real deal! I might be turning into a groupie...but what can I say...I love good music!

After 4 nights of FUN FUN FUN, I spent my Sunday in recovery mode..... catching up on homework and sleep and getting in a little quality time with my Lilly ... my little Drama queen....

it's a rough life....