Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome back Friday! Oh how I've missed you!


After an incredibly stressful day at work I am SO happy to be home!  Kalen is working late tonight so it's just me and Little Lilly (aka Lillard Custatio).  

So I caught up on my shows that were on the DVR that Kalen doesn't watch...Private Practice, Bones, NCIS...your usual crime/medical dramas.  I stared at our laundry pile for a while, and then I decided to go buy some spray paint. Can you feel a project coming on? I can!

 True Blue was the color of choice ....I mean there any Better Color Blue? 

Hmmmm. . . . what to paint what to pain.... My Habachi grill? .....No that might blow up the next time I try to use it.   My white shelves? ......No I don't think I have any use for Blue shelves. Then I saw this little gem. 
An ugly plastic pot that has been full of garbage, mud and bugs since we moved in.  The previous owners left it behind and I've always had plans for it but wasn't sure what those plans were yet...until now.  It shall be BLUE! Yayyyy Spray Paint!

Just getting the hang of it first to prevent painting anything other than the pot....

And VIOLA! It's blue!

It's like Magic!

So while I waited for the spray paint to dry, I planted these little $1 flower pot/seed packs that I got at Target earlier tonight. I'll update on their progess occasionally.

Fast Forward................

Paint is dry, and I added a little detail with some metallic paint pens.

Now I just have to find something to plant in there....maybe I'll give tomatoes another go.....

I know what you're thinking....does she really not have ANYTHING better to do on a Friday night? The answer?


However, those things include, Washing Clothes, putting them away, loading and unloading the dishwasher, working on a paper, and participating in a discussion for an online class. SO....Spray Paint it is !

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